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One of UHR’s core objectives is to encourage and provide continuing professional development among all HR staff in its member organisations. Many of the events and programmes are offered free of charge, or significantly below cost, being subsidised by UHR and led by senior HR staff from within the membership.  We aim to offer high quality, tailored and relevant development to our membership.  Please contact the Executive Director, Helen Scott, helen@uhr.ac.uk or 01273 557425, if you would like further information.


Scope of CPD

UHR’s offering is designed to give development opportunities for all levels of the HR profession.  As a guide to suitability, the CIPD band descriptions are used against all events, as follows:

Band One: Supports colleagues with administration and processes.

Band Two: Advises and/or manages HR related issues relating to an individual or a team.

Band Three: Leads a professional area acting as a consultant or partner, addressing key HR challenges at an organisational level for the medium and long term.

Band Four: Leads and manages a professional area(s) and/or the organisation.  Responsible for developing and delivering organisational and HR strategy.


National Events and Services

Annual Conference

Held in May each year with a specific theme of relevance to the sector.

Target audience: all HR professional staff. CIPD Band 2-4.

Mentoring Scheme

Available to all HR professionals for the purpose of improving leadership capability and to support career development within the sector.  Mentors are experienced professionals within the HE community, at HR Director, Deputy HR Director and Business Partner levels, and offer their services free of charge.

Coach Register

A register of executive coaches  available to HR Directors. This takes the form of a register of tried and tested coaches, who have a good track record of success in the sector and have testimonials from existing HR Directors who are happy to recommend their services. CIPD Band 4.


National Development Programmes

A range of career development programmes are offered depending on demand, and include:-

The Emerging HR Leaders’ Programme

A four-day programme with action learning and mentoring to support the transition from senior HR professional to HR Director.   (Band 3)

The Aspiring HR Business Partners’ Programme

A three-day programme with mentoring opportunities, supporting the transition from HR Adviser to Business Partner. (Band 2)

Delivering Service Excellence for HR Administrators

A one-day programme for HR administrators who wish to broaden their perspective by learning more about the context of HE and how to effectively support business partnering. (Band 1)


National Development Events

Development Days

A series of one day events, usually in London but sometimes held regionally, which usually focus on updating knowledge and raising awareness of current thinking and good practice in a the key professional areas.

Target audience: all HR professional staff. CIPD Band 2-4.

HR Directors' Day

A one day event for HR Directors of member institutions, held annually.

Aim: to provide high level external input into a key area of HR strategy for the sector which can be worked on collaboratively by senior HR leaders in the sector and inform future strategies and approaches.

Target audience: HR Directors. CIPD Band 4.


Regional Development Events

Regional CPD Coordinators work closely with Regional Chairs and members to provide a range of demand-led workshops during the year, facilitated by various providers.  Many regions operate HR Practitioner Networking Groups for sharing practices and responses to sector challenges.








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