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Alive and Well

Burnout + Blackout: building our resilience
What are your warning signals? As the days grow shorter, the blackout is coming. It has been a brutal year. How do you and your people recharge your batteries? – asks Fiona Anderson of

Managing wellbeing in a virtual world
In the first of our SummerWise* series of articles from some of our favourite sector voices, Diane Gilhooley and Rob Gray of Eversheds Sutherland reflect on the wellbeing challenge of these coronavirus days.

Learn to squish
Alex Killick reflects on the slow cultural shift around attitudes to mental health and wellbeing, and our individual roles in making things better

Why HR Professionals Should Be Selfish For A Change
Sue Chambers, Director of Human Resources at Aberystwyth University, argues in favour of a little selfishness when trying to maintain your work/life balance. In busy HR teams under permanent scrutiny, keeping your own energy levels high is vital to the task of doing great work.

The Ant and The Dove - Random Acts of Kindness in the Workplace
Alex Killick, Director of People at Glasgow Caledonian University, marks World Kindness Day by reflecting on how we can encourage kindness in the workplace.

Catching Up: A New Employment Model for a Changing Faculty
Sophie Harris, deputy director of HR at SOAS, University of London considers the changing structure and composition of the academic workforce in UK and US universities.

UHR / UCEA Employee Engagement Toolkit


Our Employee Engagement Toolkit has been produced with UCEA and provides examples of effective engagement projects that you can learn from, use and adapt for your own university’s situation. Thank you to all the HR engagement teams across the country for your ideas on this crucial aspect of the HR role.


Partnering with organisations to create workplaces that are more productive, engaging and fulfilling.

UCEA-UHR Engagement Indicator - summary and FAQs

Engage for Success - Engaging Managers' Zone

MIND Mentally Healthy Universities Programme Pilot Interim Report

UHR Scotland Conference December 2019 - Leading culture change - Jane Tidswell, Oliver Davidson

UHR Scotland Conference December 2019 - Good days at work - Ivan Robertson

What does engagement mean in HE

Useful websites

University of the West of England - following up the staff survey

University of the Arts London - Sharing academic good practice

University of Sunderland - Responding to stress issues

University of Sunderland - Motivation as a KPI

University of Kent - Social Sciences Change Academy

University of Kent - Service Excellence Project

University of Glasgow - learning from restructure

University of Chester

University of Chester - update on progress

Tips and pitfalls

Teesside University - engaging with manual staff

Proxy and interim engagement measures

Prompts for senior managers

Perspectives on engagement

NHS case study 2 - employee voice at Bolton NHS

NHS case study 1 - improving engagement and wellbeing in Mersey Care

Measuring engagement

Manchester Metropolitan University

Lancaster University - increasing engagement and participation in the biennial staff survey

Kingston University - Staff engagement representatives

Innovative engagement ideas

IES - The engaging manager

IES - Teams and the engaging manager

IES - Managers as developers of others

IES - Images of engaging management

IES - Engagement - the continuing story

Getting full value from the survey - Analysis and linkages

Engaging academics

Engagement Management self assessment

Engagement issues - the HE context

Engagement drivers

Engagement and communication

Engagement - Involving the trade unions

Engagement - An executive summary

Engagement - Academic articles

Employee engagement in the HE sector - evidence review

De Montfort University - World Cafes

Correlation and causation

Communications and the staff survey

City University London - survey management and feedback

Bucks New University

Benchmarking engagement

A single engagement measure for HE

Amy Bradley Hult/Oracle do engagement surveys measure it Scotland 30 April 2019

UHR Scotland Dec 2018 law future-chemistry-burness-paull

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - University of Exeter - Jonathan Cresswell and Emily Williams - Integrating Apprenticeships

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - Glasgow Caledonian University - Adrian Lui - Advancing Gender Equality

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - University of Liverpool - Steve Plant - Give Get Go

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - Nottingham Trent University - Rashmi Patel - CUPA bursary and study visit key lessons

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - University of Edinburgh - Melissa Highton and Dominique Green - The Playfair Steps Initiative

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - SOAS - Emily Crofts - Fractional Process Improvement Project

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - Imperial University - Su Nandy - Active Bystander Training

Showcasing Good Practice February 2019 - Northumbria University - Lesley Lee and Jackie Rose - Academic Career Framework

UHR Engagement and Wellbeing for HE Framework

Domestic Violence Policy LAU.docx

John Lewis UHR Scotland Employee Engagement group slides

Homeworking Policy August 2015.doc

v9 New draft REmote Working Policy HRPS31 following meeting with SB.docx

HRPS31b Homeworking Support Staff.doc

Engagement and Wellbeing in HE - Karen Cregan

Strategies for mental health in HE - Karen Cregan & Caroline Hounsell

University of Chester - Supporting mental health strategies

Framework for managing stress through resilience

UCEA benchmarking of the HE engagement indicator

The University Employee Lifecycle - Nov 2017.pptx

The University Employee Lifecycle - Nov 2017.pptx

Showcasing Good Practice - Alex Killick - How People Services Re-energised a Workforce through Challenging times

The University Employee Lifecycle - v2

Showcasing Good Practice - Sophie Harries - SOAS - Feb 2018

Showcasing Good Practice - Kate Lindsell and Imelda Rogers - University of Exeter - Feb 201

Showcasing Good Practice - Richard Lister and Sara Corcoran - University of Suffolk - Feb 2018

Showcasing Good Practice - Paul Stephenson - University of Surrey - Feb 2018

Showcasing Good Practice - Patrick Johnson - University of Manchester - Feb 2018

Policy and Code of Practice on Managing Stress in the Workplace

Risk Assessment of Stress at Work - Guidance Notes for Managers

JISC Survey for Employee Engagement - Survey Results

EAP Provider Survey Data - Nov 14 - Survey Results

EAP Provider Feedback - Nov 14 - Survey Results

Wellbeing and Engagement in the UK University Sector Context and Practical Initiatives - CUPA

A joint cover note from UCEA and UHR for the IES study: Measuring Employee Engagement within the HE Sector

Measuring Employee Engagement within the Higher Education Sector

UHR mentoring resource pack for mentors

Performance Enabling – Engagement and Cultural Change - Dec 15

University of Sheffield - Juice - Good Practice - Feb 2015

Employer Assisted Volunteering project NTU Feb 2014

HR enabling change and increasing engagement - Cancer Research UK

Aligning health, wellbeing and organisational objectives - Edge Hill - February 2014

UHR Conf 2015 - Workshop - Health, safety and well-being - VWV

UHR Conf 2015 - Workshop - Academic Staff Enagement - John Hamilton

UHR Conf 2016 - Workshop - Engagement and Wellbeing in HE - Karen Cregan

UHR Conf 2016 - Workshop - Smart Working and Well-being - Eleanor Pirie

UHR Conf 2016 - Workshop - Fuller Working Lives - Sue Endean and Emelda Nicolroy



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