Disclaimer. UHR is often asked if we know of any coaches who have knowledge of or who have worked in the sector. We provide this list for information and without recommendation.

Coach Directory

This page lists coaches with experience relevant to HR Directors.

Mark Adderley

Tel: 07842 154258


Mark is a coach end experienced executive director and brings all his experience to his coaching. He has over 20 years management experience in organisations as diverse as RBS, NHS, Scottish Water, National Trust for Scotland and Heriot-Watt University, where he was exec HRD for 8 years. He has operated at Board level for over 20 years as a Director and Chief Executive. He is a Fellow of the CIPD, qualified Executive Coach and trained mediator, and uses those skills in management and coaching, with over 10 years’ experience of individual executive coaching. Mark has a strong belief in people and change, and an organisational and individual commitment to ‘enabling people to be the best they can’. He works with senior leaders on their issues including strategic leadership, transformation, culture, team building, taking on new roles, professional and personal development.

As a manager Mark delivered major organisational, operational and behavioural change, led negotiations with and development of strong partnership relationship with Trades Unions during time of major change. Implemented Pay and Reward systems linked to performance for all staff, whilst gaining higher levels of engagement and performance. Mark has also introduced formal succession and talent management and leadership development programmes and is a passionate supporter of self-development.

As a coach, Mark has coached teams and individuals up to and including Principal, Chief Executive, PVC, Heads of School/Faculty/College. His coaching style is to get alongside people, and support and challenge them to be the best they can. While not always comfortable, he creates an encouraging, supportive environment. He has a number of tools in his toolkit, and tailors each coaching assignment to the individual. Mark is committed to his own coach development, and as well as being supervised, he has two peer supervision groups, and is a trained supervisor and mediator. He can also offer a number of psychometric tools (MBTI, EQi 2.0, Window on Work Values, Values in action etc.) Feedback on being coached by Mark is overwhelmingly positive, with coachees saying: 

“The sessions were very constructive and much nearer to coaching than some previous sessions I have had.” “Working with Mark was an incredible experience and both my personal and working life have changed profoundly as a result. He is very observant, identified what I needed when I needed it, and he guided my learning accordingly. His techniques are practical and easy to implement. His holistic approach challenged me to look past the superficial and dig deep into my core to make lasting changes. I am honoured to have shared this part of my journey with him and recommend him as a coach to anyone who is looking to grow.”

“Clearly Mark has the skills, experience (both of coaching and of life) and competence”.

Fiona Anderson

Tel: 07834 209240


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Fiona Anderson, valuingYOU and My Change Expert, specialises in change and transformation: Initially trained by PWC, Fiona works in partnership focussing on clients’ goals, ensuring that investment in coaching delivers results. Registered as an NHS Executive Coach, she creates the space and environment for coachees to explore, develop and own their solutions to accelerate personal and workplace transformation.

Fiona’s expertise spans many sectors which includes over 20 Universities and ranges from:  Executive Coaching to facilitating Executive Development Workshops;  Leading culture transformation to delivering and repeating master modules for NHS; Delivering student seminars to coaching graduates to secure their first step on their career ladder.

HE results include:

Executive Team Productivity: 49% improvement, based on Patrick Lencioni’s definition of a Cohesive Team. Focusing on Five Behaviours created the catalyst to progress business wide culture change that is now being rolled out.

HR Department Productivity: when asked “we have the culture in HR to role model and succeed to deliver Strategy,”  response increased by 70%

Transforming I.T. transforming a service department from one that was fragmented, lacking in direction and cohesion to a motivated and customer focused Department. Validated by IIP accreditation. Achieved + 21% points in staff motivation, + 47% point increase in managing poor performance in 6 months.

Innovate UK Funded Industrial Research: £1m UK/Indian project with Sheffield Hallam & 11 academic and commercial partners. Chair quarterly project meetings to drive governance and collaboration to achieve project plan and ambitious outcomes.

Recognised as a thought leader, in 2019 she contributed to Leading Change In UK Financial Services.  Fiona writes for her local branch of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, The Manufacturer Magazine and blogs for Legal Firms and local Chamber of Commerce. She contributes to webinars including CIPD People Management and University West of England Business School.

Founder of The Greater Birmingham Engage for Success Network | Awarded as an Exemplar Driver of Culture Change by The Manufacturer | Recognised by Engage for Success for Inspiring Employee Engagement in UK 2018 and 2019.

Katie Bailey

Tel: 07875 618596


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Katie Bailey is Professor of Work and Employment at King’s Business School, King’s College London. She has a Certificate in Coaching from the Coaching Centre. Katie also has a PhD from London Business School and is Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, Higher Education Academy, Royal Society of Arts, Academic Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Honorary Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies. Katie is an award-winning researcher with a strong interest in what makes work meaningful, the factors that influence employee engagement, and strategic approaches to human resource management. Her articles have featured in journals such as the Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review as well as a large number of scholarly outlets. She has authored several books alongside reports for the CIPD. Her prizes include the Richard Beckhard Memorial Prize from the MIT Sloan Management Review for her co-authored piece ‘Building an ethically strong organisation’, and the Elwood F Holton III Research Excellence Award from the Academy of Human Resource Development.

Her past roles include Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Management Reviews, co-chair of the expert group for Engage for Success, Trustee of the Involvement and Participation Association and judge for the Institute for Customer Service Employee Engagement Awards.

Katie’s experience of senior leadership roles in four different business schools as well as her personal experience of the benefits of coaching inspired her to gain a Certificate in Coaching and to develop her own coaching practice. She has coached a range of individuals, especially academics, in the areas of careers, work-life balance, leadership, meaningful work, and life coaching. She draws on a range of coaching frameworks and perspectives best suited to the needs of the individual client, in particular, cognitive behavioural, person-centred and integrative approaches, with the aim of equipping the individual with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue self-coaching into the future. Given her long career in the academic world, Katie is exceptionally well placed to understand the pressures and challenges as well as the opportunities experienced by those working in the sector.

As a sought-after speaker and chair at many prestigious conferences, Katie also runs workshops and training events for groups and organisations around the world on how to find more meaningful work and how to raise levels of engagement.

“Professor Katie is an incredible and inspiring coach. She was extremely helpful in developing my resume, my interview skills, and my vision for the career. She helped me build up my strengths and confidence. I am very grateful to have worked with her and highly recommend her services to anyone looking for professional coaching.”

“Professor Bailey has a wonderfully supportive and insightful approach to professional coaching and draws on a range of creative and illuminating techniques, helping the client find their own way forward in an accepting and constructively self-critical way. I feel I have a road-map for choosing my future path and also feel hopeful I can continue that journey in a ‘self-coaching’ manner.”

Further information about coaching and speaking

Academic website

Sally Bernham

Tel: 01604 84758999 or 07773 950561 

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Sally is a respected and experienced leadership and management development consultant and executive coach.  With over 12 years higher education coaching experience and a recent senior HR role as head of staff development at a midlands university, she has a wealth of experience to draw on, sound understanding of the challenges for HR and insight into the opportunities for a business focused HR to create organisational impact. 

Sally’s leadership development work is with both the private and public sector including the university sector and other public sector organisations, working with middle managers and senior leaders. This diversity of client base enables Sally to bring a richness of insight derived from other sectors. Her coaching work in the university sector has included coaching senior academics and professional staff, training coaches and developing managers’ coaching skills, supervising coaches, establishing and managing an internal coaching programme and advising universities developing their own internal coaching capability.

Other recent university work includes working as a consultant for the national Staff Development Forum for whom she has developed a range of accredited programmes for the sector, as an assessor for the Association of University Administrators’ Post Graduate programme, as a tutor on the midlands university regional leadership development programme and as an action learning set facilitator for the midlands universities senior leadership development action learning set programme. Her coaching, therefore, is informed by a sound understanding of the current higher education context and its inherent challenges for senior leaders and managers.

Involvement in a variety of HR/Organisation Development projects in HE includes those arising from the initial RDS initiative included developing a competency based leadership framework and supporting the Pay Framework Agreement. Other recent HR activities has included coaching leaders of organisational restructures and redundancy programmes, coaching newly appointed senior academic leaders, facilitating team development and visioning and developing staff developers and HR colleagues to develop change facilitation skills. This has given Sally a sound understanding of current HR practice and has enabled her to support leaders, teams and individuals in negotiating a way through complex and challenging change programmes.

Paul Boustead, MSc, CCIPD

Tel:07583 184218


Paul Boustead, MSc, CCIPD is a consultant and accredited Executive Coach. A large part of his consulting is in Leadership Development, Organisational Development, Transformation and Change. Before setting up Phoenix OD Consulting in 2022 Paul was the Chief People and Culture Officer at the University of Leeds. Before joining the University of Leeds where he became the inaugural Chief People Culture Officer, he was the Executive People and OD Director at Lancaster University, for nearly a decade and was responsible for developing and implementing their first and second People and Culture strategies which contributed to them becoming University of the Year and securing a sustained top 10 league table position and a rapidly increasing global profile. He has experience of setting up international campuses and navigating the complexities this brings.

Through is consulting Paul has worked with several HEIs and other values-based organisation, largely in relation to leadership development, transformation, and change. He is a Non-Executive Development, and he leverages this experience and perspective as part of his coaching and facilitation work.  A large part of Paul’s coaching has also been focussed in supporting leaders in designing, developing, and monitoring routine operations to support institutional strategy, culture and vision while keeping operations on track. He has worked with over 30 coachees, the majority in Higher Education.

Paul has also been playing a leading role in advising and supporting Boards and Executive Teams in developing their workforce strategies and transforming working practices in a post pandemic environment. He is passionate about the future of work and how institutions need to adapt. He has also supported the transformation and turnaround of several People functions. As an accredited executive coach, he supports and coaches a number of senior leaders and also works with the 

As one of a select few nominated Companions of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD he plays a national role supporting the development of future HR and People Directors. Paul was until recently the elected Chair of Universities Human Resources (UHR) and sits on several national groups/committees including the national pay negotiation board for the sector and the USS employers’ pensions group.) Paul was voted as #14 leading HR influencer by HR Magazine in 2022.


Dr Ann Bowen-Jones BSc, MSc, PhD

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
Based in mid-Wales, Ann works in English and in Welsh

Tel: 01654768123 or 07788 676640

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Ann is a skilled and highly experienced coach, facilitator and consultant with specialist expertise in supporting senior players in taking their performance to the next level and in building the resilience and collaboration needed to thrive in challenging environments.

The newest thinking in leadership and management are made accessible to clients, and they are supported in using different perspectives to get to the heart of their challenges and respond to them in a dynamic way which stimulates learning and renewal. The work blends a rigorous business focus with a celebration of life and spirit in a way which clients find effective, imaginative and enjoyable.

Her areas of expertise include creativity and innovation, managing transitions and complexity, the renewal of motivation and energy, team building and strategy. As a facilitator, she works to create high-performance teams, interactive conferences, and enhanced cross-functional working.

Examples of Assignments:


Judith Cashmore-James

Tel: 01785 613962 or 077797 18067067

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Judith is a certified and experienced coach and consultant, specialising in leadership coaching and development.  She is particularly skilled in helping people move forward, raising confidence, gaining self esteem and helping them to maximise their potential.  She is known for her pragmatic and flexible approach and is passionate about working with people to lead authentically and inspirationally. 

She has designed an online 360°degree feedback tool specifically for education leadership to underpin leadership coaching and development.

Here’s what one recent senior management client said of working with Judith – "Having coaching sessions with Judith was one of the best things I have done in years. From the sessions, I now know more about who I am and how I can get the best out of life.  Judith has helped me with a number of things including my career, personal life, coping with bereavement and understanding what triggers certain emotions.   I would strongly recommend everyone to have coaching with Judith.  You don't know what you are missing in life until you've been to Judith's sessions!"

She has designed and led coaching, mentoring, and leadership development  programmes both in the UK and Qatar and is an experienced action learning facilitator.

Recent projects in the public sector include FE, HE, Local Government, NHS, Crown Prosecution Service working at senior and middle manager level using coaching, group coaching and action learning.

Prior to becoming a coach/consultant, Judith gained over 20 years  experience in senior management roles in the public sector (including FE & HE), leading and managing major change programmes and service delivery in complex political environments.  Having worked at Chief Executive level she understands at first hand the complex nature of senior management team relationships and the impact on organisations and individuals when people lead ‘inauthentically’ or without confidence.

Sara Corcoran

Tel: 07708 893494

A driving force in my career is the belief that work should be developmental and supportive and I believe strongly in the transformative power of coaching to improve professional and personal lives and realise potential. I adopted an approach of ‘doing serious work with a lightness of touch’ from an early mentor and find that building trusting relationships, taking a pragmatic approach and, when appropriate, adding a little laughter, make work much more enjoyable. I have a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion and am known for my approachability, my listening and my follow through on commitments.

I specialise in coaching executive directors and senior managers, although I take great pleasure in working with those who are in career transition. This might include leadership development coaching for those preparing for their next career step, supporting those returning after a long absence or those reviewing their career options. Increasingly my practice includes team and group coaching, frequently in preparation for, or as part of, a change programme to help members engage effectively. I also facilitate leadership and management workshops and Action Learning Sets.

Whilst clients hold responsibility for their choices and actions, I work with them collaboratively, to help realise new insights and progress towards their goals. Often these include bringing clarity to their decision making; developing greater self-knowledge; better understanding the organisational context and culture; and improving team dynamics. Much of my practice focuses on supporting individuals and teams in leading or adapting to change; building effective team cultures (particularly for hybrid and remote teams); and maintaining wellbeing.

I am comfortable coaching and facilitating remotely as well as in person. A significant development for my practice, arising from Covid, was to take my practice outside. Initially this was simply so that we could continue to meet face to face and escape from our screens. However, the external environment proved to be a rich resource to support the work, enabling me to work more quickly, more deeply and with greater impact and I encourage clients to embrace this approach whenever possible.

Professional background I have a public sector background in HR and OD, with 20 years senior experience in Higher Education (including 12 years in Director level). In addition to contributing to the strategic leadership and development of the organisation, my roles have included supporting line managers and their staff through restructurings, relocations and mergers, as well as the more day-to-day issues arising in employment and career development. This means I have a good understanding of leading and managing in complex, unionised environments. I have been privileged to be involved in some hugely exciting projects, including playing a leading role in the launch of the University of Suffolk, supporting the merger between University College Falmouth and Dartington College of Art (now the University of Falmouth) and the rationalisation of hospital services in the Medway towns.

Constants throughout my career have been the need to understand the wider stakeholder system, the need to support staff through change and the need to attend to team effectiveness, with a focus on interpersonal skills and communications. A career in Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development (OD) has kept me connected to people from the most junior to the Board, striving to make the work experience as good as it can be. I have built great working relationships with colleagues and helped them build teams to deliver excellent performance.

Richard Da Costa

Tel: 01912 131193 or 078029 08978978
Email: or

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Richard has worked in Human Resource management over a 30 year career in both the UK and France. His sector experience includes retailing, manufacturing/distribution and utilities/public services.  He has experienced many major change programmes including participating in two hostile takeovers, two significant mergers and being sold by a parent company. 

Colette Foan

Tel: 0161941 7431 or 07770 466748

Colette has been coaching at senior level for over 10 years. Her area of expertise is Project Management. As this involves both technical and people skills Colette is called upon when people need help and support in achieving a particular goal within an agreed timescale, or when people management is proving challenging. She works in both the public and private sector and as well as coaching, she undertakes consultancy and teaching assignments. She is a Visiting Fellow at Manchester Business School and final project supervisor on their MBA programme. Her private clients include, ABB, Siemens, Newcastle University, European Space Agency, Morgan Stanley bank, HP and Cisco. She is an accredited Myers Briggs and SDI assessor.

Here are a couple of comments from recent clients.

“Colette Foan was appointed as a coach for me after I took part on a senior leadership course. I had no idea what to expect, nor what to ‘do’ with a coach. I can honestly say that I found the whole process invaluable. We were able to work flexibly and she is very quick to identify and pickup individual needs. Her approach is highly tailored and utterly practical.”

“Colette is one of the most well organised, communicative, friendly and professional people I know. Her greatest strength though, lies in her ability, through her experience, to understand areas of difficulty or conflict in management situations. She can “untangle the knots” of complex human interactions in many challenging situations, and, importantly, also train people to do this for themselves. Her approach is friendly, firm, disciplined and direct, when it needs to be, but also flexible enough to allow changes to be made where required. This has had an extremely positive effect of my own management of colleagues and also in my interactions with University Staff at all levels.”

Key areas of support:

Emma Ford

Tel: 079564 82911

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Emma is a straightforward and pragmatic coach who asks the simple questions allowing her clients to think and develop their own solutions.

She works mainly in the academic sector coaching, designing and delivering leadership programmes and workshops supporting career management, personal skills and leadership development.

Before becoming independent Emma worked in the corporate sector where she managed BP’s graduate and intern selection.  She developed and managed the tools and processes used to recruit people, ensuring they were in-line with corporate guidelines and was involved in sharing best practice globally.

Emma is keen to ensure her clients have the support and skills they need to deliver and perform at the highest level and also enable them to manage their career and future.

Trevor Foux

Tel: 01462-433484 or 07770-277235 

Trevor is a proven executive coach.  He has coached numerous senior managers and executive directors to improve effectiveness and performance, enhance leadership capability, manage change, and develop business opportunities.  He has helped business executives to make effective transitions as they move into new, more demanding roles. 

He has applied a ground-breaking “network approach” in several major coaching projects to link individual development to organisational learning. ning.

Trevor has coached and facilitated teams to set agenda, clarify key issues and improve joint working.  He has trained coaches and designed coaching skills programmes in the USA and UK.  He has also run influencing, consulting skills, and change management courses.

He has worked in a wide range of industries including oil & gas, healthcare, manufacturing, chemicals, government, insurance, and media and entertainment. His clients have included Presidents, CEO's, COO's, CFO's, Marketing Directors, Partners in consulting firms, and also senior HR, healthcare and operations executives.

He has worked extensively with multi-cultural teams facing sensitive cross-cultural challenges.  Clients have included Dutch, French, German, Italian, British, and US nationals, and individuals from across the Middle East.

Coaching Examples


Lynne Howlett 


Tel: 07891 358720


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Lynne has over 25 years’ experience in Higher Education as a senior leadership development and talent advisor and now coaches and develops leaders in line with their personal aspirations and those of their universities. She has experience of identifying, supporting, and developing both academic and professional services leaders for the future. Her work in the field of leadership succession won Lynne a Leadership Foundation Fellowship and a Times Higher award for Outstanding Contribution to Leadership and Management Development.

As a coach, Lynne creates a confidential, safe, respectful, and challenging space in which clients can be open, reflect, receive feedback, and grow in line with their aims and aspirations. Much of her work involves exploring sensitive issues such as preparing for promotion/new roles or developing colleagues on matters which are holding them back from realising their potential. She especially enjoys working with clients at transition points in their careers, supporting them to step into more strategic roles, new phases of their working lives or when they need to find their inner confidence to work differently. She uses a combination of coaching approaches, self-awareness activities and personality/team profiling tools to support clients to develop new ways of thinking and behaving that lead to success. This positive approach to self- awareness and change is fundamental to her work.

Lynne has contributed to several national working groups looking at leadership succession and development specifically in universities. She currently has coaching clients at Durham, Sheffield, Roehampton, Glasgow, Northumbria and Exeter universities. A graduate with a Post Graduate Diploma in HRM and a member of the Association for Coaching, a feature of Lynne’s career is that she has continued to stretch and develop herself professionally.  Lynne is a qualified coach, possesses the British Psychological Society’s Level A & B and is familiar with and able to use a range of psychometric tools including 360-degree feedback, TLQHE, MBTI and 16PF.  She uses a personal supervisor for support with her own challenges and as a ‘critical friend’.  In 2010 Lynne was named the CIPD Northeast HR Practitioner of the Year and The Leadership Foundation’s Staff Development Practitioner of the Year. In 2020 she was appointed as a member of the Advance HE Strategic Advisory Board for Leadership Development.

Mary Jordan

Tel: 01913746595 or 07849711896

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Mary has worked in one to one development for over 25 years.  A Chartered Occupational Psychologist concerned with senior leadership and management performance, she has worked closely with HR directors interested in the developing leaders to get results from others.  An expert on changing leadership requirements, Mary is keen to work in partnership with HR professionals intent on driving up the leadership capability in organisations.  As a psychologist, she interested in how characteristics such as values, character, motives, style, and skills, underpin leadership effectiveness and believes that an understanding of self is critical to competence, but she is also convinced of the need to take into account the context in which a person has to work and how this impacts on what can be done quickly and what can be done over the long term.  As well as facilitating an understanding of changing demands, she helps individuals to identify how they can achieve success in the light of their own strengths, style, motivation and experience, enabling them to find their own solutions through self insight, understanding of the challenges they face and thoughtful consideration of context.

A former manager, academic and applied psychologist Mary has coached for over 20 years at senior levels in private and public sector organisations.  She has worked in the past with managers from Jaguar, Leyland-Daf, the Rover Group and Landrover.  More recently in the North East with senior academic and administrative staff at Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Durham University, One North East, Convergys, Voicentric, Northumbria Police, Cummins, Ward Hadaway, North Tyneside Council, Newcastle City Council, and Newcastle Business School. She has designed assessment centres for the selection of managers for Tyne and Wear Fire Service, has led development programmes for the Probation Service, American Air Filters, Ringtons Teas, and Visit County Durham tourism team, to name but a few.  She has coached HR directors, Chief Executives, Deans, Heads of Departments and Professors.

Jan Juillerat, MBA, FCIPD

Tel: 07891 575775


Jan is a qualified Executive Coach, bringing rich and deep experience and skills to her coaching practice. Jan has worked in education and research in the UK for over 25 years, with leadership and Executive roles in Higher Education and the UK Research Councils/UK Research and Innovation. She is a trusted and respected professional; coaching clients include senior leaders in universities and research organisations, academics and professionals in a range of roles and stages in their careers. 

Jan’s coaching approach is holistic, working with the whole person and alive to the organisational context.  Jan draws on her broad executive and coach training, and is perceptive, agile and creative in practice. Coaching may be challenging at times, and it is also a positive experience, a place and space to find energy, focus, strengths and potential. The aim is to support clients achieve their coaching outcomes with increased awareness, confidence in their own capability and a sustainable base for growth and effective performance.  

Jan's style is; 

-          open, inquiring, appreciative

-          grounded and resourceful

-          reflective and solutions focused.

Frameworks, models, exercises and practices, building insights and resources, are all part of the coaching experience.

Jan’s professional background and experience spans HR, organisational development and corporate governance. She is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a qualified Organisational Development Practitioner, Executive Coach and workplace Mediator, and a Fellow of the RSA. Jan’s Non-Executive experience includes charity and education sectors. She is currently Vice-Chair of Council at Cardiff University and a trustee/director of CRAC (Ltd), the Vitae charity.

Jan works across the education, research and not-for-profit sectors, as a consultant, coach, facilitator and advisor, supporting effective practice, positive culture and behaviours, organisational capability and organisational performance. She is a strong advocate of inclusivity, creativity, dialogue and collaboration.

Katherine Long

Tel: 07979 448815

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Katherine has extensive experience of individual and organisational change - a coach, mentor and coaching supervisor, with over 20 years of experience in people development. An EMCC Master Practitioner, she works across a wide range of contexts, and is particularly effective where individuals and teams are journeying through emergent change and transformation, as well as in supporting leaders in their personal evolution and impact. Her clients include universities, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, third sector and government. Katherine’s background is in cultural change, cross-cultural communications and intercultural competences for leaders and teams. She brings a holistic and systems perspective to her work; a key value is the health and well-being of the whole system (individual, team, organisation), in addition to addressing specific coaching issues and challenges.

Katherine is a faculty member for the UK branch of the Presencing Institute, and leads on the Masters in Coaching Programme at Warwick University. She’s an international speaker and writer, and author of the Diamond Model, an integrative model of the coach (Bachkirova etc al, 2011, published by Open University Press).

Recent assignments include:

"In my 30 years of corporate life, including 15 years in senior HR roles, I've had mixed experiences of the coaching profession. A few of the coaches I encountered were outstanding, a few, quite frankly, terrible, but the vast majority were decidedly mediocre. I was therefore extremely fortunate to close out the corporate chapter of my life and open a fresh clean page with Katherine's wise and expert support. I think the essence of outstanding coach, beyond of course complete mastery of the fundamental skills and knowledge, is to be able to provoke and steer a dialogue that is both broad and deep, focused and limitless, uncomfortable and secure, fresh and familiar, experimental and structured, and finally reflective and action-oriented. If this was not challenging enough, a great coach keeps the dialogue rooted in the needs of the coachee and is prepared to push themself well beyond their own comfort zone to enable progress. My sense is that given the scale of the challenge it is not at all surprising that many individuals who coach never succeed in real mastery. It was therefore my privilege to work with Katherine who did all of the above, and more, and in doing so led me to an appreciation of the profession that I never previously had."

Sandra Morson

Tel: 01313 131183 or Mob: 07762 299611

Sandra has 25 years’ experience in Organisation Development, Leadership Consulting and Coaching. For the past 15 years her focus has been in research led Universities in the UK; providing one on one leadership and team coaching for senior strategic leaders within 3 reporting levels of Principal or Vice Chancellor.

Sandra has delivered over 200 interview based 360 degree and coaching interventions to individual executive and senior leaders in research-oriented universities since 2002.  In addition, she has led bespoke leadership programmes for many more. Her work covers both academic and professional services roles. Client feedback is that Sandra is a very insightful, balanced, focussed coach and leadership advisor, able to work well in larger more complex organisations and situations. 

Working with Sandra supports leaders in understanding and developing their leadership strengths and styles in the context of:

This enables them to be confident, working from their strengths in driving through change, managing performance, developing and implementing strategy.  Sandra has worked with a number of leaders over time as they progress through to Head of College, PVC and VC roles.

Sandra has an MBA from London Business School, and her first degree is an MA in History from St Andrews University.  She worked in a leading international human resources consultancy firm and has been MD of her coaching and consulting business for 20 years, working with a number of highly experienced and respected coaches.  Sandra has both in depth research and practical experience of what makes a leader truly effective.  She has a specific coach qualification from Corporate Coach University.  Sandra is a certified PSCI practitioner (2004) and is accredited in the FIRO-B OPP, FIRO-B and teams OPP, Hogan Diagnostics.  Other accreditations include the Official Introduction to Transactional Analysis, Introduction to NLP and Behavioural Competency Coding (Hay Group).  She has recently completed the Time To Think Partnership programme with Nancy Kline.

Sandra was appointed to the National Council of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 2014 where she advises on leadership and since 2016 sits on their Nominations Committee. Sandra lives in Edinburgh and most of her interests are with people and in the outdoors.

Claire Sutherland

Tel: 01926 411223 or 07747 054606

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Claire is a polished, accredited and highly experienced executive coach. She is committed to her own ongoing professional development, and her transformational coaching interventions draw from the fields of positive psychology, sport psychology, transactional analysis and psychometric profiling. She is a practitioner in the field of communicating change effectively, and works with executive teams and board members to help them to engage their people through change programmes, improving performance and employee engagement. She specialises in top team dynamics and post-change recovery.

Neville Wharton

Tel: 0191 206 4065 or 07813 096225

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Neville is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. He gained Chartered status in 1989. He is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Founder Member of the Association of British Psychologists and is registered with the HCPC. He has over 35 years’ consultancy experience.

Neville’s work as a coach started on joining Northumbrian Water in 1990. Here, as part of a psychology team, he designed 360 development programmes as well as individual and team development programmes throughout the 90’s. This was an exciting environment, a recently privatised industry, with massive culture change and organisational development.

His work as a coach within Higher Education dates back to the late 90’s, He has now worked with approximately a third of the UK’s Universities in the capacity of Executive Coach and on selection and development programmes. For the last 12 years he has worked with the American University in Cairo.

Neville’s interests lie predominantly in coaching and development, particularly in the areas of leadership, team working and decision making. He likes to use an extensive array of psychometrics to enhance self-awareness, takes a person-centred approach to coaching and coaches against the framework of 67 managerial behaviours as defined by the Centre for Creative Leadership. There is a special learning section on the company’s website solely for the use of coachees. He also has many years’ experience of managing, coaching and mentoring within those organisations for whom he has worked.

Disclaimer. UHR is often asked if we know of any coaches who have knowledge of or who have worked in the sector. We provide this list for information and without recommendation.

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